RFS video checklist

Roe Family Singers Video Checklist

  1. Camera settings
    • Set video to: 4k 30fps, if not available 1080 30fps
    • On iphone, set camera format to “most compatible”
  2. When filming
    • Use landscape mode
    • audibly count off with scratch track
    • If recording audio separately, clap to simplify syncing during edit
  3. Filming tips
    • Camera at eye level
    • Use plenty of light
    • Have (at least) entire head and instrument in frame. Typically the camera should be 3-6′ away.
    • Try to avoid a bright background (like a window with sunlight shining through it).
  4. File transfer after filming
    • Use dropbox. I’ll email you a shared dropbox folder you can upload your file(s) to using either the dropbox app or dropbox.com.
    • If you have another transfer method you prefer, I’m open to that. But I try to avoid texting, because it often decreases the quality of the video.
  5. Questions
  6. Have fun
    • Have fun. No need to stress if one of the above can’t or wasn’t done. I can make most anything work. I’m more interested in a fun performance than in technical details.