Hi friends!

As you likely know, the pandemic absolutely devastated the live music scene. We went from hundreds of gigs every year to a handful. It was a painful, slow and lonely year.

So we could not be more happy to tell you that we are busy and going back to work.

We’ve got gigs popping up all over the place. Please come out and see us. We’ve missed you and would love to see you again. Check out our calendar right over there ——————————————>

If you live in the Twin Cities area, we’re back to playing every Monday night at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis. We just got back in the saddle there this past Monday. It was the first time we had the whole band back together since March of last year. The crowd was awesome and the band was smoking. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to be back.

In fact, I was tempted to write this entire post about how much fun that gig was, but I can’t, because we have another awesome announcement for you.

We have a *new* album coming out soon. All original material. If things stay on schedule, we should have that out to you in September.

Below, you can get a peak behind the scenes as we record at Wild Sound in Minneapolis.

Oh, but one more thing before we go. This is more important now than ever. And that’s saying a lot because it’s always been the most important thing: Please remember to be kind and to treat folks how you want to be treated!

Your friends,
– The Roe Family Singers